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Who we are

The R&S Holmes is a recruitment and selection consultancy, which values ​​the human being above all. The success of a company depends primarily on its employees. The choice of the ideal candidate is critical.

Our recruitment and selection is guided on customer needs. We understand what the customer needs and we act quickly and efficiently. For a more assertive evaluation our interviews are made by competence.  We have personality tests, intelligence (IQ), concentrated attention, memory, professional skills and others. We work "the success", we showed our quality by practice, seeing long relationships. We have headquarters in São Paulo-SP, but serve companies throughout Brazil. See more in Recruit the best candidate us!


The R&S Holmes also offers the following services to companies:

- Training and performance metrics;

- Evaluation of employees (IQ, personality, memory, etc.);

- Climate research;

- Psychological support, among others.

We also have the following services to candidates:

- Professional advice;

- Evaluation of intelligence (IQ), attention, personality, memory and others;

- Wall of places that we are working;

- Register your curriculum our database;

- See interview tips and how to put your curriculum in the area for Candidates.


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