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Interview Tips

All right, already left his attractive curriculum, selected the vacancies that most pleased you and now it is time for many dreaded: the interview!

The best action you can take is to stay calm. Because when we are nervous we get a paralysis effect and not just being ourselves. The most important is an interview you can show who you are and what you know. For this it is important to speak clearly and objectively, pay attention to what the interviewer is asking, no short answers. For whatever is asked you remember, stay focused and explain clearly leaving no doubt with weighted answers. Fast answers can show disinterest or unprepared. To demonstrate your interest to respond with enthusiasm! Use formal vocabulary and try to communicate simply, the interviewer is not your friend.

Needless to say to be punctual. Today, because of the traffic, construction and unforeseen, you need to leave home well in advance. This factor already has in his favor because demonstrates commitment.

Get to know the company you want to work. Find out about its history on the company website or in reports, a bit of its history. Learn data such as number of employees, number of units and where they are, goals, values, annual revenues, recent junctions with other companies, etc. And it's not just to interview that these data are important. Especially they are important to you. You're competing for a position in this company and the interviewer ask what you know about it, it will be satisfied with homework.

Always be honest on your resume. When there is no lie to support, the chances of getting nervous in the interview reduce significantly.

It is important to provide good looking, clean and well-ironed clothes, tidy hair and nails clean. Tip: Do not use strong perfumes, if the interviewer is allergic to strong scents will try to finish the interview as soon as possible. Social clothing is always welcome, but there are companies where the owner himself will be with a less formal clothes, if a company with a more relaxed atmosphere. In this case, go very formal will leave you in an uncomfortable position. So get to know before his own HR consulting, which can provide you advice on what style to adopt in a given company. Talk about comfort, this is another crucial point, your clothes have to allow you to breathe ... And no transparencies and necklines. The makeup should be light, it ins't a party.

More and more companies use group dynamics to better identify the candidate's profile, the search for professionals who can work in groups is essential. Develop a good teamwork. Listen to your colleagues, to position yourself clearly and quiet way, avoid going into unnecessary arguments and treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Be prepared for interviews! Often the interviewer asks a question not necessarily you to know the answer, but to see how you structure your line of thought. Then train at home in front of the mirror, with a friend, it is important to practice, because you only have a one chance to show that you deserve the job.

There are some questions that are often used by the interviewers. So get ready for them, write them down on paper and answer them truthfully. At the time, because of nervousness, it is able to give you a "white on mind" when asked. The more you are prepared, you'll seem more confident!

- Why would you go out of your current job to get this?

- What are your strengths and why they contribute in their day to day at work?

- What are your faults and how they can disrupt your routine work? And what you are already doing to improve them?

- Talk about success stories you had in the companies where he worked.

- Tell me about a challenge we had to face and how solved?

- What are your salary requirements?

Tip: If you have not worked, you may think the main conditions of their school life or family, for example. The important thing is to explore the experiences that you've spent.

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