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Psychological Assessments

See what types of assessments you can make the R & S Holmes and a special promotion in the end.


Evaluation of intelligence - IQ

You would like to have a test confirming your level of intelligence to give up on your evaluation by the recruiter? The free Internet IQ tests are very doubtful, and not evaluated and certified by the appropriate agencies. Make Intelligence Estimate with us and get a detailed report about you IQ, level of intelligence and percentile for the population assessed. Signed and attested by registered Brazilian psychologists in the Regional Council of Psychology. Attach to your curriculum! And know in what kind of logic actually does better and what do you need to exercise (basic relationships, specific, and complex gestalt).

Value: R$ 200.00

Personality Evaluation

When you go to an interview and ask you what their qualities are and areas for improvement and you're not sure what to say? Learn exactly your levels of:

- Vulnerability;

- Emotional instability;

- Passivity / Lack of Energy;

- Communication;

- Haughtiness;

- Dynamism;

- Social Interactions;

- Kindness;

- Pro-sociability;

- Trust in people;

- Competence;

- Balance / Prudence;

- Commitment / Commitment;

- Openness to new ideas;

- Liberalism;

- Search for new ideas;

Take a personality assessment with us! You can better understand your personality profile and have the opportunity to learn and enhance your negative characteristics. So you can tell the interviewer exactly what your strengths and areas for improvement. Your answers will be consistent with test results that the employer may submit you. Knowing better you can still improve interaction with family, peers, subordinates and superiors.

Value: R$ 200.00

Memory Evaluation

Memory is very important for your professional performance. Is a cognitive process that consists in the retention and retrieval of knowledge, information, concepts, events, expectations, thoughts, feelings ... the memory is essential for adaptation to the environment, and primordial to take the work efficiency and success.

Know what types of memory exists (semantics, sensory, procedural, etc.) you can perform well and you can find ways to improve, using books, courses, treatments, among others.

Value: R$ 200.00

Doing two tests you take free one Concentrated Attention Level Assessment and a Practical Class with experienced headhunters how to behave in interviews (how to show the best of your experience as not pass a bad impression, what to say and what not say, etc.). Doing three tests, you get the Concentrated Attention Level Assessment, described Class above and each test will be discounted.

R$ 150.00 (each)

All tests are classroom and applied by Brazilian psychologists registered with the Regional Council of Psychology. You take the reports signed and stamped with the CRP professional.


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