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Climate research

Find a good professional is important but it's only the first step of the success of the process human-corporation. The difficult and essential is to keep a good employee.

The company is harmed when a very good professional requests his resignation. In addition to time-consuming and costly processes such as recruiting a replacement, there is the time that this person needs to adapt to the new routine tasks specific to that company, making their peers and managers to overload, cluttering the whole the business's dynamic.

It is essential to know what employees think about the company and what their attitudes towards different aspects of an organization. Only then can improve the work's quality, environment's quality, talk about employee's life and the service's quality provided by the company.

It's important know too, the satisfaction at the work done, the conduct of managers, autonomy, delegation, internal communication, relationship between areas, customer-supplier relationship, responsibilities, infrastructure, incentives, anyway ... There are numerous issues to be measured.

The organizational climate research is an important tool to obtain important information on the perception of employees on the various factors affecting the levels of motivation and performance. This tool works as a means of communication between the company and its employees, making the company identify the problems that they deal on a daily basis. The research enables the organization to assess your current time and plan actions in a process of improvement. The research also provides the opportunity to improve the commitment and knowledge of employees in relation to the objectives of the organization, developing and empowering leaders, enable the professional development of employees, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organization in the eyes of employees, thus allowing improving the level of satisfaction of these, improvement of infrastructure conditions for work and offers conditions for the development and innovation.

Our climate researches accompanying graphics for a better understanding of the questions addressed and the level of employee satisfaction. The Holmes can still help your business offering options strategies to be used to improve aspects of the interaction between people (communication, conduct management, conflict and more).

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