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Training, performance metrics and other services

We can supply your company the most diverse questions! Do you imagine activities that would improve the performance of your team or even minor changes and improvements that could change the business dynamics so that it would be better for everyone? But don't have time to think and implement such ideas...

There are many ways to evolve the processes of a company that it brings more gains and the coexistence between employees improves get better. But, in most cases is not worth keeping an employee only for the activities. Sometimes what your company needs can be done by an outsider. Thinking from another angle outside the scope of the company and bring action alternatives and more effective and lasting results.

We conduct performance metrics and employee assessments in order to optimize the time needed for certain tasks and even do a redistribution of the same according to the skills of those involved. Make assessments of intelligence, attention, personality, memory, etc.

Is finding its unmotivated team? Contact us! We conduct motivational talks and group activities improving engagement and interaction among employees for collaborate more with each other, digging it easier to achieve the desired goal.


It has a new team and do not have time to teach her? The Holmes can help you with training and guidance on teaching methods.

And more... we have psychologists to assist them in any situations such as: death of an official (when their peers are much shaken), serious conflicts between employees, post assault trauma with or without hostage, etc. We offer consultations and accompaniments.

For all activities offered we try to understand very well the functioning of the company and its goals. What your business needs? Let Holmes cooperate with you!


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