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Recruit the best candidate with us!


Prospecting talents 

No matter where, we'll find the right professional for your company. For this we use several different ways to achieve and capture the talent. Beyond the announcements and conventional job sites we also works with hunting professionals of segments and / or specific companies.

Our delivery times are short, ranging from one to three weeks as appropriate. Our first delivery is three to five candidates with the right profile for the right position, and it may increase if the customer wants more options.


Besides the quality and speed of delivery, the R & S Holmes, for an assertive assessment, try to understand in detail what the Company looking for a professional, since experience in a career until the psychological level. For it, we have personality tests, always applied by psychologists registered with the Regional Council of Psychology. We have tests of intelligence (IQ), concentrated attention, memory, professional skills and others. The great majority of recruitment and selection consultancies only worry about the study of curriculum and behavioral interviews.

We also use technical tests produced by the customer and select only those professionals who obtained a good result, optimizing the customer time and allowing him to interview only those applicants who have in fact knowledge required in the vacancy.


After choosing the professional, we get the last and penultimate professional references of companies with managers, peers and subordinates. It's depends of the needs and interests of each client.

We provide all support to customer and employee, since delivery documentation to their first weeks of work. Also assisting in various situations they are needed.

To ensure quality and reassurance to our customers, we guarantee replacement of three to six months, depending on the job level, regardless of the employee the reason for leaving.

Other advantages

Please contact us and ask for a visit! We can send you a presentation with our portfolio of clients. For reasons of confidentiality (confidential vacancies advertised on our Jobs Wall), we do not disclose the names of our clients.

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